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About Us

We are a small family run business producing Award Winning artisanal seafood products. Based in Kirkintilloch, Scotland, we have a passion for quality seafood and are excited to introduce you to our smoked Seafood Charcuterie range.

Charcuterie is defined as the art of curing, drying and smoking. Originally, the term was applied exclusively to pig meat. Over the generations it has become a familiar term to describe the meat of other animals, when the meat goes through the normal 'charcuterie' processes.

With over 20 years’ worth of experience in the seafood industry, our Seafood Charcutier felt there was an opportunity in the marketplace to introduce a range of seafood products, majoring on their curing and drying. Campsie Glen Smoke House was established to address this gap in the market, and bring a whole new concept to the UK culinary scene.

We have begun our range with 3 cures. After we rest our salmon, trout, and halibut in our Island, Highland, and Lowland Cures for 7 days, we dry out up to 25% of their moisture whilst smoking with our blend of selected kiln dried wood chips.

This whole process is completed by hand carving the products into the packs you see represented on this website.

We will introduce additional products in the near future, to give you a wider selection of Seafood Charcuterie.